Reimagining the Election Process — A Fiction

Jan 5, 2021. 5/365 days of Daily Writing Practice + life lessons journal of sorts. I’m committing to writing ~100-word article daily. Short or long-form. Ugly or brilliant. The objective is to write daily for 15 mins without fail, even when life happens.

If I could go into the future, I would want to completely overhaul how a leader will be elected.

First, there will be a test that will identify if you’re fit to lead. Fit mentally, physically, emotionally, morally, spiritually. This test can’t be cheated on. A scanner of some sort that will sense the whole fabric of your being. It’s the leader sensor.

Once you pass the leader identifier test, a series of other tests will be done: IQ tests, EQ tests, essay writing tests, and project proposal tests. Each will be judged by a set of random jurors, which will also be randomly selected. Papers aren’t identifiable so judgment will be anonymous. No juror will know who they’re judging. This test will evaluate their knowledge of issues, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.

Every candidate who will move on to the next round will do a year of immersion. Commuting in public transpo, living in shambles, farming, teaching in public school, abroad as an ofw — the point is they’ll live the lives of the majority of the people, by themselves, no assistants. This way they’ll lead to uplift the lives of the majority. This arduous year-long immersion will also make them rethink if they really want public service.

I think I’d want to remove the campaign period altogether. The test results will be the basis for how the people will vote. I’m still not sure if I want all these televised so people can know how they are as people.

Honesty tests, integrity tests, nationalism tests will also be employed. Also considering oral test, basically, a tact test to see if they’re fit for public speeches.

I’d also want to incorporate knowledge tests on government processes so no time will be wasted on orientations on how things work. They need to learn these by heart. That includes all departments and branches.

They also have to test on basic laws. Heck, we all begrudgingly studied some in school.

The final test will be a dog test. Dogs are the best gauge of human kindness. If the dog doesn’t like them, they fail! :D

I want the screening process to be as tedious as possible. Possibly more tedious than the military training, bar and board exams, and the Foreign Service Officer exams. It’s the most important work in the country after all!

Obviously, I’m only daydreaming. But dreams start from these little whispers to the universe, sending forth energy to attract it to reality.

Maybe someone in position looking for ideas actually read this by some random twist of faith and maybe, boredom, and actually make something happen.

I had this idea after watching abhorrent leaders on TV and wishfully thought if it were in my hands, what will I do to change the situation.

Just like any other pursuits, success largely depends on the people in the team.

While this solution will get lost in the black hole of the internet, the only thing in our control right now is choosing our leaders.

So, please, please register to vote! Let’s take the selection of the team into our hands.

Register now!